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I want to make clear that nobody has a fucking clue about what is going to happen on Monday. This was my plan and my work. I did this alone, completely alone. Since first grade people picked on me and I was a loser. I wanted to have friends, I wanted to have clothes with a brand name on it and big letters but all that fuck changed 2003, 2004

I learned that there is more in life than just consuming fuck like that, like clothes or , or ..or , hip hop music or , I never listened to hip hop music " don't believe that!

And , and , 2003 " 2004 my life changed and , and I wasn't a human anymore, I was godlike and I began planning this massacre. And I want to kill them all because they ruined my life, because they changed my , they changed , the people who are like that who are just , who are fuck consumers , that people change how you think. You are alone , and , you want to have friends , and they change completely what , how you think. The more you are with them, the more you become like them. And I said fuck that, I'm not in this. I make my thing , I make the GSS massacre.

Life has been beautiful until I went to school the first time. There are two main reasons for that massacre:

First reason " school. Teachers, students, everything in the fucking building.

Second: the politics. I want anarchy. It is the only thing we are really, really free. Nobody has to tell me, nobody has the right to tell me what to do or not to do " it's my life. Not the fucking life of my parents, of fucking fat Angela Merkel or any fucking teacher in the whole fucking world it's my damned life.

Humans are a sickness, this earth is sick. I can't fucking wait until I can fucking shoot every motherfucking last one of you! Fucking damned bitches,

They punched me, they spat on me, they knocked me down and laughed on me and now I'll shoot them - where is the problem? There is no problem. I can shoot wherever I want. It's my life, my gun and I can do with it whatever I want.

One time some dude out of my class heated a , heated a key. He take a lighter and heated it and then the fucking moron just comes to me and pressed it on my , on my , on my hand. What the fuck, Every kid in school who is different from the majority is a loner. And why is every kid who is different a loner? Because the fucking media tells the people , tells the majority of the people what is cool and what is not. So when baggy pants are cool " I bet you can't run in it. But it would be better if you can run on Monday because I gut a gun, I got bombs I got Molotov cocktails " you are in a war. This is war!