Below you can find several projects which I have been working on frequently. Most of the time I spend on the design, code but I also work with HTML and PHP on request. In addition I accept requests, the price is negotiable. This is a temporary occupation of mine. Photography and edits can be found here: Furthermore here are a couple of projects of mine:

Wkea Webdesign:

This is the layout which I used shortly after my .de web page was closed down and I was accused of glorifying violence. With this layout and the content I wanted to clarify that those accusations were wrongful and Wekillemall will prevail, no matter what come.

Lunar Webdesign:

This web page was fully designed by me. It is very structured and contains a forum in suitable colours. banner:

This is a banner which I created for They were looking for something suitable for their HP, therefore something which picks up the anime theme.