Many find this side and don’t know why it is called this way or what the deeper meaning of this name is! Wekillemall is English; hence “We kill them all”. This sparks a lot of thoughts. There were a couple of incidence due to that; therefore here is the reasoning behind the name which will hopefully answer all your questions:

This web page mostly contains information about and around the topic “Columbine”; hence the School Shooting in the Columbine High School on 24th April 1999. This incidence was committed by two “model pupils” and caused a lot of discussions and speculations, why and how this could have happened. In my opinion the only culprit is, similar to a lot of other incidences, the society. Hence “We”, the human, who participate in the society and often, contribute to the exclusion and mobbing of other members. Therefore I, personally, assume the true culprit in incidence like these to be US, who are the society, as we should notice such exclusions and should collaborative work against them. This is not the case, therefore it is not only the fault of the person, who commits such crimes, but at the same time it is Ours!

The reason why I chose this name is relatively simple. The name was supposed to sound provocative, be easily memorised and serve as a “Brand name” and obviously it should be something new. “Wekillemall” fulfilled all those requirements and at the 8th June 2002 the .de address was registered. Some of you might have noticed that this page is not accessible anymore. This is unfortunately true. I am still the owner of this web page, yet it was closed for reasons which I see as preposterous. After the .de-address I also got a .com-address. Yet this is a pure domain-address. Therefore I needed a web space. When I purchased the web spaces I could choose a free domain and I chose the .org ending. Therefore I am the owner of three different domain names.

Update 15th March 2009: is now my property again! In addition due to changing the hoster in 2008, which I did back then to obtain a higher quality, we obtained a 4th domain name:, which will now be used as the official name.

I hope this text answered most of your questions. If this is not the case, please contact me or post your question(s) in “Wekillemall Live Help”.

Chris ~Wekillemall Webmaster~